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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 4, 2010 4:00am-5:00am EST

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good morning, angie. >> busy on the roads this morning. >> my fault. >> you are taking the blame for the weather. >> i want the credit chen it is really nice. we have rain around and the rain will be around all day. that will mean extra time for the morning and evening commutes. let's get you going with a look at the day planner for this wet thursday. expecting rain as i said all day. temperatures aren't really going to move. hold in the low 50s. north winds around ten miles an hour. over at live doppler 9000 hd, it is lit up from border to border here on the radar. you can see the rain there. the darker greens, the moderate rain. lighter rains in the lighter greens but we are watching the movement north and east. on the weather computer, a big area of rain. this area of rain goes back to the deep south. areas across tennessee, alabama, mississippi, still dealing with the rains. so we have to get the rain to sweep through and that will take a while and the temperatures with rain. we sit at 51 at national.
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52 on the bay. law, lou anne and mid 40 in the the shawn valley. with more on that and time saver traffic here's angie. we have the first tieup of the morning from our inner loop at braddock road. no delays yet. the accident has drivers staying to the left to get by. going to the realtime graphics. taking a look at the outer loop in maryland. moving it outside. we will find that lanes are wide open from route 1 college park to 270. just slick. watch the spray. this time the prince georges county area, focusing on route 4, rout 5 and 301, understand den free and a look at 295, seven minutes to the bridge. 11 minutes on 66 ebb february 7100 to the beltway and eastbound on the dulles toll road from 674 to the beltway. a seven minute commute that is growing. coming up the next traffic report. we will have a 3-d flyover the
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dulles toll road. police are investigating why someone park an rv filled with firearms along the national mall. >> they discovered the vehicle during the peak of the rush hour and had to shut down the streets for hours because of it. kristin fisher is live from the national mall with more on the investigation this morning. kristin i good morning. >> good morning. the man is in police custody. they are questioning him trying to figure out if this was an honest mistake or if he had criminal intent. this rv was parked just over here, right in front of the air and space museum yesterday afternoon. and that's when a u.s. park police officer spotted something suspicious inside. we don't know what it was but it was enough to bring in a bomb disposal unit. police shut down the national mall between 8th and 7th street and evacuated museums it was a major inconvenience for tourists and commuters. in the end, nonexplosives were found but police found a
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handgun, several rifles and ammunition. the owner was arrested and will be charged with several firearms violations. >> at this point he will be interviewed by our detectives to determine what his reasons for being here, or his reasons for having these weapons and in the course of the investigation hopefully we can fill in the blanks as to what transpired today. >> several rifles fitting in a car -- sitting in a car in dc is illegal. but for this man in arizona. that's where he is from, that would be perfectly legal. so there is a solid chance this was nothing more than just an honest mistake. >> kristin, this place was packed. this is near rush hour and a lot of people had time to weigh in on this. have you heard any of the opinion so far? >> absolutely. some people were highly inconvenienced by this people couldn't get to their car for hours. museums were evacuated. there was a banquet that was supposed to be held in the
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national air and space museum. that was cancelled. a headache for a lot of people but the way most people feel is better safe than sorry, especially when you have the fbi still looking for the man who that is wanted for shooting at several military buildings around the dc area. back to you. >> take a little pause and deep breath and everything will be fine. >> exactly. the national mall was not the only place, though, for a security scare last night. >> absolutely. fbi agents took over the dhl cargo facility in new york. they zeroed in on a mysterious package from yemen that was shipped around the same time as two packages found to contain explosives. it turns out it contains only a cell phone and papers. while you were sleeping qantas airlines suspended all flights for the jet liners. a problem forced pilots to turn around for an emergency
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landing. witnesses say they heard a blast and then saw some debris fall to the ground. qantas denies there was an explosion, though. hillary clinton is welcomed to new zealand this morning. the administration has enough support to get the treaty passed. in virginia's 81th district congressional race, connelly enjoys a slightly bigger lead this morning. first term incumbent's lead started at 500 votes yesterday morn and then when more were counted he was up over 800. election workers opened the troublesome machines and counted the extra ballots and then they started to can vast all of the pre-- can advance all of the precincts. them process should wrap up today. >> i think we will see a recouldn't most likely? >> probably. it is certainly my opponent's prerogative. >> reporter: fimian's campaign
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did not comment on the proceedings. the county is expected to certify the votes today. the state will certify them the monday before thanksgiving. if the margin is less than 1% the candidate can decide whether or not he wants a recount. a lot of people turned out in the 18th district. nearly half of the registered voters casts ballots on tuesday. 9% of the 450,000 registered voters cast ballots but the highest turnout was in central virginia's fifth district with 55%. there republican robert hurt unseated tom periello. it is time for another your money report. >> jessica doyle is here and is talking jobs. >> that's right. wall street is focused on the jobs picture. we know that today. the government is set to release the latest on
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unemployment figures. the dow starting from the two years at 11215. adding 26 points in trading yesterday. the federal reserve announced it will buy $600 billion of government bonds in an effort to stimulate the economy and ben bernanke says worries are overblown the move could spur inflation. his comments appear in an opinion piece in the "washington post." critics fear all the money injected in to the economy could ignite inflation and speculative bubbles in the price of the bonds and commodities is. >> is a happy meal really a happy meal if there is no toy? that's the question the san francisco board of supervisors says it is going to have to be. they ban the fast food giant from offering free toys in kids meals that contain high levels of calories and fat.
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i like the toy. >> if the happy meal is nutritious then they can put a toy in it. >> absolutely. >> the trick or treat bag at the white house had dried fruit in it. >> smile and wave, boys. smile and wave. >> oh, you have to have that. they should figure out a way. >> it is a big debate that is raging across the country. >> now not so happy meal. >> we have today's money saver coming up in the next half hour, today it is five ways that you can entertain yourself and your family for free. >> free is good. love that sound. indonesia's volcano is at it again today. the story is coming up. firefighters out west are having a trying time battology huge commercial fire. and we're a little jealous of atlanta this morning because their zoo has a new baby panda.
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it is t after the hour. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back. no
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. welcome back. live doppler 9000 hd shows rain moving to the north and east. so some areas light rain and others moderate to heavy rain as the area is moving to the northeast. it will be with us all day. the day planner so you know what to expect. 9:00 52 and rain. noon 52 and rain. 5:00 p.m. 51 and rain. >> angie, how's the time saver traffic? >> all is a go from the greenway to the beltway. coming up, we will have a look at that 66 commute out of manassas. andrea? >> thank you. it is 5:10. making news now, more deaths are reported with a fresh
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volcano eruption today in indonesia it. >> is the biggest eruption since rumbling back to life last month. the death toll is exceeding 40 people. authorities have extended the danger raidous meaning thousands are trying to cram in to emergency shelters. firefighters gave up trying to save a commercial building in chatsworth, california. the blaze consumed the headquarters of a printing company last night but all the employees made it out safely. fire crews instead concentrated on protecting the surrounding area. we haven't found a video yet where you can see the baby, but the squealing, take a listen. proves there is a baby panda at zoo atlanta. the third panda cub for the parents. the first panda cub born in the u.s. this year, though. >> adorable if we can only see the butter stick. >> apparently it is only this
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big. >> exactly. a fire forced dramatic rescues. that story is coming up. some police trainees are in the right place at the right time to save a drive who plunges in to the water. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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howard is here with the forecast and one word describes
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it, rain. >> i will take the blame. got rain shoes or boots you will need them. the rain will be here all day. i like the rain this time of the year. let's get it in the ground and get the roots growing stronger. it's a good thing, but not good for your commute. let's be honest about. that show you this on live doppler 9000 hd. because we have a lot of rain everywhere. a little lighter for loudoun and montgomery counties and right through dc, prince georges, charles county and down 95 these are the darker greens occasionally yellow with more moderate rain. one this morning. upper 40s to low 50s.
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day planner dunn have much hope except for rain. if you like rain, 52 or 58 is all we will muster. and perhaps this. ing things taper the off but expect a wet day and 0 totals could be one and a half inches before this is done. mid 80s shenandoah valley. frederick, leesburg, 48. manassas 48. we are at 51 here in washington. 54 cambridge and let me double check in southern maryland, 53 it is covered but 53 here at the pax naval air station. it is a raw day when you have the humidity high, either the cold or heat cuts right through you. north winds at 8 and humidity is 92%. nationally the west is great, except the northwest in a day or two. but look at all of the rain from the gulf coast, florida,
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the mid-atlantic, eastern kentucky and heading to the northeast. a lot of water will be around. if your travels take you to philly, new york or boston they will see rain, as well. we have low pressure coming up the coast. it is going to enhance the rainfall and another low behind it will keep things going. the first one pulls away. through 6:00 p.m. we have showers and tonight things taper off a bit. can't rule out sunny breaks but with partly sunny conditions some showers bubble up and the mountain snows. you ' the light blue? mountain snows will be flying. 52 wet ones today. 52 tomorrow with a shower. 46 on saturday for the heart walk, autism walk and saturday night we turn the clocks back. sunday 52. next week we get nice again. highs over 60. it is 5:17. here's the time saver traffic. a couple of issues to tell you about. begin with the beltway tieup. the inner loop at central avenue is where we have an accident out here taking away
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the left lane. stay to the right to get by. moving to 66 as we zoom in to virginia. we want to show you that a little slow approaching rout 28 on 66. the rain is adding to that that building delay but lookinged a argute commute out of gainesville to the beltway. to the maps and focus on 395. a lot of green cars here. we are looking at a 15-minute commute. volume is obviously building past duke street as you make your way from the capital beltway to the 14th street bridge. a quick look at the travel times. about ten minutes on the outer loop to get from 95 to 270. southbound is doing okay as well as dc 295 to the 11th street bridge. coming up, we will have details on the beltway accident and we will get word of issue on branch avenue. back to you. unattended candles are to blame for a fire at a high-rise in northwest washington. the flames started on tuesday actual at the windsor house
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apartments, which are at 14th street and rhode island avenue. dramatic video of the flames we just saw, captured not only those flames but the faces of the terrified people on the floors above. a total of 21 residents are in temporary housing. talk about being in the right place at the right time. a man is alive thanks to the help of three police officers in training. they were across the street when a car drove in to the water in lanham. the trio tried to pull the driver free but couldn't. instead they stood in the freezing water, holding the man's head above water until crews arrived. >> the water was up to about my waist and the mud was up to my knees. like we were standing in cement. we couldn't move our feet. >> the fire department winched the car off of him we pulled him out and carried him up the hill. >> the doctors found water in
5:20 am
his lungs meaning he was in the process of drowning. >> reporter: the driver a, a man in his 20s is recovering at the hospital. arenas tests out his injured ankle. and the capitals give fans their money's worth. taking the game to a shootout. before the break, here's the question of the day -- [ son ] my parents have always lived in the states.
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-- grab the rain gear. moderate to heavy showers mixed with lighter rain. temperatures will barely budge from 52 at noon and 51 at five. we are 51 right now. upper 40s northwest to the 54 range south and east. mike, andrea? >> thank you, howard. arenas gets on the practice floor again for the wizards. >> when one alex wasn't great enough, another stepped in to help out. >> reporter: good morning. like mismake placing your keys or wallet the capitals knew they left their power play somewhere but couldn't figure
5:24 am
out where it went. thank goodness they found the scoring touch and needed it last night against the maple leafs. the only player that came through more is alex stemmen. ovechkin the shot, he flicks it in. tying the game and forcing overtime. still tied to a shootout. ovechkin scores but it's not over yet. semins turn and that this is a missile for the game winner. caps win it 5-4. the gel was the perfect medicine for stemin. >> didn't know whether he would be scratched until after warm up. sometimes he said he wanted to play -- so he becomes a hero look who was back at practice, arenas did light drills and full court action. he missed the first three games of the season because of a right ankle injury. saunders says he will wait to see how his ankle responds
5:25 am
before deciding when he will return. that's a look at sports. have a great day. a big company is hiring. details coming up in the next money report. plus, a live report from the national mall where a weapons discovery made a mess of last night's rush hour. it is 5:25. messy rush hour starting out because of rain, angie. >> already have an issue to watch for. looks like 495 accident is on the inner loop at branch avenue. you are losing the left lane. stay to the right to get by. coming up, we will have details on a new wreck at old branch. that's at 5:29. stay with is already seasoned in its own cooking bag. and it cooks in about half the time. my work here is done. [ male announcer ] now try perdue oven ready bone-in breast and cornish hens. about what you give up, and not what you get? like electricity for gadget power at your seat.
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celebrate with up to 10,000 amtrak guest rewards points. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun.
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the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken. we will do weather first. it will impact your commute and your job today, angie. a lot of rain out there and that's the case not just for the morning commute but the mid tay and afternoon commute, as well. we get you going this morning with a look at the day planner. we are talking about temperature on the weather computer, there we go. temperatures will struggle to get much higher than they are now. only in the low 50s.
5:29 am
don't expect the temperatures to be moving much at all. in fact, this is the day planner i wanted to show you. as we see, temperatures are steady at noon, 3:00, 6:00, 52, 53, 51. we have been watching an area of rain since yesterday move in. look at how this thing blossomed over west virginia, the district, maryland. this will be with us all day. temperature-wise, temperatures won't move much from the mid- 40s in the shenandoah valley. and andrews is 48, fredericksburg 51. cambridge at 54. here's angie with time saver traffic. a couple of things to watch for early on. we have an overnight accident investigation that is continuing until 6:00 this morning. that's what we are told by officials. southbound branch avenue at old branch avenue. use saint barnabas to beach drive to get back to branch. on the inner loop the crash activity is taking away a left
5:30 am
lane. stay to the right to get by past that. moving over to an overview of the area. everyone is checking out okay. looks like 270 southbound, we are watching outside as the volume starts to pick up here around the germantown area. overall no incidents or accidents. a real quick check on the rails. metro, vre and marc, all are on time. coming up we will have details on the branch avenue accident investigation. that's at 5:39. back to you. president obama is starting to use phrases like common ground now after his party loses in a midterm election. >> republican leaders are promising to push a new agenda in washington. john boehner is expected to be the next speaker of the house and says the gop will work to a smaller, less costly government including the repeal of one of president obama's signature
5:31 am
triumph the health reform law. it could be tough tougher now to get anything passed for the president. in northern virginia -- >> the canvassing process should be finished sometime today in the 18th congressional race. gerry connolly saw his lead over republican challenger keith fimian expand a little bit yesterday but the 800 vote margin is less than 1% that could allow fimian to ask for a recount. police have been questioning the owner of an rv that caused a security scare on the national mall. officers found numerous weapons in the vehicle last night leading to the shutdown of streets near the capital at the height of evening rush hour. kristin fisher is live with more on the investigation. kristin, good morning. >> reporter: you can see that everything on the national mall is now pretty much back to normal. but this place was a real mess yesterday evening in the heart of the evening rush hour. streets were shut down. museums evacuated and anyone
5:32 am
parked along the national mall couldn't get to their car for hours. a real mess and it was because a u.s. park police spotted something suspicious inside of an rv parked over there, right in front of the national air and space museum. so what happened? well, a bomb squad was brought in. no explosives were found. police did find a handgun, several rifles and a lot of ammunition. the owner, a man from arizona, was arrested and will be charged with several firearms investigations but the investigation is focusing more on motive. police are questioning him trying to up figure out if he was there to commit a crime or if this was an honest mistake. keep in mind, in arizona the gun laws here in dc, which would have -- which do indeed make it illegal to have self rifles inside of a car, in arizona it is perfectly legal to go just that. so there is a real chance this was an honest mistake. >> thank you. the fbi now believes the
5:33 am
same shooter has targeted four military buildings in our area. the latest incident happened sometime early tuesday morning. this time someone fired at the coast guard recruiting office in woodbridge, virginia. the shooting has been linked to previous ones at the pentagon, a marine recruiting office and two at the marine corporation museum. real crime scenes are not always like csi that you see on tv and in the chandra levy murder trial, prosecutors insist that all of ingmar guandique's blood, semen, fingerprints were washed away in the year that chandra levy's body lay exposed at rock creek park. but fbi lab techs testified they found some tiny spots of dna on her running tights. prosecutors, however, say it is schismly contamination, probably from a crime scene technician. her lawyers are hoping to establish reasonable doubt that dna may be from what they call
5:34 am
sandra's real kill and not ingmar guandique. prince georges county police are investigating a deadly crash in temple hills that appears to be a hit and run. authorities say a man was struck and killed around 2:00 on a branch avenue. now police are trying to identify the body and determine how long it had been there. they are asking for the public's help with this case. funeral services will be held for dc police officer paul at this timemo. he died when his patrol are car crashed in southeast while responding to a call. the funeral is at saint elizabeth catholic church in lake ridge, virginia. the procession will come to the 7th district police station on alabama avenue before heading back to the burial site in manassas. it is time for another your money report. >> jessica doyle is here. she is talking about gm. >> that's right. if you don't want to own gm as a taxpayer, your share is going to get a little smaller.
5:35 am
taxpayers are moving from being a majority shareholder at general motors to a minority shareholder. they are selling stock to the public for the first time since emerging from bankruptcy. the size of the sale will reduce the treasury's ownership by a third. shares will be priced between 28 and $29. the ipo is expected to raise $11 billion. this comes at a time when americans are returning to car show rooms. october was the best for the auto industry in three years. gm sales up 4%. ford up 19%. and as car shoppers return to dealer lots the dealers need more workers. car max is hiring people for 1200 jobs across the country. it is time for the money saver. about a third of americans don't have a library card. if you don't, you are missing out on five ways to entertain yourself for free. libraries go far beyond lending
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you a new $22 hard cover. you can borrow the latest tv shows and movies on dvd and lecture and puzzles and games. and for more money saving advice, check out my blog the follow me on twitter and i'd love to be your friend at facebook. >> we love the library and i wanted to come and say hello to you again. and we found allile sign of bipartisanship left between candidates who were political enemies a couple of days ago. we will have the story coming up. plus, they are marching for a cause. how some dc students helped those less fortunate. >> today should be a favorite holiday for the ladies. it is national men make dinner day celebrated on the first thursday of november, giving women a small break three weeks ahead of the thanksgiving meal. so we banished mike to the kitchen for a few minutes. >> what would you like for dinner this evening? this is not about the guy that
5:37 am
cooks dinner on occasion. this is the guy that does the yard work and i have a killer barbecue chicken pizza recipe you have to check out. ment t back after this.
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welcome back. it is raining on the northwest weather terrace and the rain will be with us most of the day. in to parts of tonight and tomorrow. show you live doppler 9000 hd which is lit up across the board. some areas seeing light rain and other areas moderate rain. our day planner for today, temperatures won't be moving much. 52 through five. 51 with the rain. at times heavy. let's go to angie and get the time saver traffic. >> haw, howard. branch avenue is closed at old branch avenue because of an
5:40 am
accident investigation continues until 6:00 this morning. use saint barnabas to beach to branch to get around it. coming up in the next report, a check on incident -- on the beltway. mike? >> thank you. well, it sure is nice to have a little inspiration when you are helping others. that's inspiring, right. the high school dull line led hundreds of students and staff in a walk for the homeless yesterday. it is to raise awareness for a transitional housing program run by fannie mae. they raised $6,000. it is just raining now but montgomery county will hold a snow summit today. they will discuss the findings from yesterday's mock exercise when the county tested preparedness for the upcoming winner. snowplow operators simulated a
5:41 am
six-inch snowstorm. we had more snow than that last year. the end of one of the metro lines will be shut down this weekend. more on that coming up. a player on the gw team goes public with his transgender sex. it is time to see who's celebrating a celebrity birthday -- x
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good morning. it is really wet out. >> it will be really wet today. we will start off with a look
5:45 am
at the radar the last several hours. we have been watching moisture come in from the west to the east. some of this at times is moderate to heavy and other times kind of light and right now is one of those times. a lot of yellow and oranges on top of us. we have moderate rain going on. on live doppler 9000 hd, i have zoomed in to the metro. we are not going to zoo in everywhere because it is raining everywhere. pockets of yellow. lighter rains. the bus stop forecast, expect rain, maybe a touch of fog in one or two spots and a raw morning. 48 to 53 on the temperatures. sunrise 7:38 and don't expect the temperatures to move muched to. with the rain and cloud cover, temperatures will barely budge. temperatures holding steady or
5:46 am
slightly, slightly falling off throughout the day. at 5:00 p.m., the temperature of 51 with the rain continuing. things will start to taper off a little bit this evening when we go from just rain to showers. 51 in town. 52 annapolis and easton. the cooler temperatures out west. cumberland 43. oakland 39 and probably going to see snow later on tonight and on friday. and friday night, manassas 48. here in washington, 51 degrees on the hour with the rain at national airport. dew point 49. winds north at 89 and call ahead if you are flying out, because with the rain here and in many areas we are likely to see the delays. a frontal boundary to the south. low pressure rides up the coast. not just one area of low pressure but a couple of areas of low pressure that will keep us soggy through midday. perhaps a few breaks in southern maryland and then soggy through the afternoon.
5:47 am
5:00 p.m. we are still looking a rain. tonight in to tomorrow, things will taper off but we still have a threat of showers and in the mountains, look at snows continuing on friday. i will be several inches of accumulation possible up there. here's oryx tenned forecast -- our extended forecast. a shower tomorrow and 51 and saturday 46. perhaps a flurry. much better chance in the mountains. the autism and heart walk on saturday downtown in nationals park, it will be chilly for that. saturday night we fall back. daylight saving time coming to an end and warmer temperatures next week. it is 5 listen 47. angie is busy because of me. >> blame it on you. right now what we want to do is help you get around the tieup wries seeing early on. a couple of incidents on route 7 in virginia. crash activity is causing quite the backup here. it is at route taking away three lanes them delay is
5:48 am
growing. in maryland, inner loop at central avenue, we are getting word the accident is starting to clear. on the outer loop at the bw parkway word of a new accident. something else to watch for. the accident investigation continues also on southbound branch avenue at old branch road. this is going to go until 6:00 this morning. you want to use saint barnabas to beach drive to get back on to branch avenue to get around it. a look at the travel times, eastbound 66, 7100 to the beltway an extra five minutes to make it through that. on the outer loop a ten minute commute and 8 minute drive that is growing down dc 295 to the 11th street bridge. coming up, we will look at that virginia inner loop accident. back to you. of course plenty of concern commuter wise this morning. we are also helping you look ahead though weekend. metro has some changes in store. parts of the eastern end of the orange and blue lines starting at 10:00 torment night will be closed. the orange line will end at
5:49 am
stadium armory station and the blue line will be closed between stadium armory and benning road. metro will operate free shuttle buses around these closures while crews undertake major reconstruction work there. both lines should be reopened for the monday morning commute, though. making news now, nasa will try to launch the space shuttle discovery on the final voyage this afternoon weather permitting. mission managers decide an electrical problem that delayed yesterday's blastoff has been resolved. the forecasters warn thunderstorms are lakely during the 3:29 p.m. launch time. it looks like it could be a couple of weeks before we know who won the alaska senate race. elections officials say a recount of write in ballots will begin on november 10th. the incumbent ran as a write in candidate after losing the republican primary to a tea party favor miller who was backed by sarah palin. proof this morning that bipartisanship isn't dead. about 12% proof actually.
5:50 am
in illinois, republican mark kurt won in a heated race for president obama's old senate seat but yesterday the two sat down for a beer at chicago's famed billy goat tavern. hopefully they will start a trend. >> that's right. we need it sounds like. one victorious politician in colorado wasn't jumping for joy. >> instead, he actually did cart wheels across the stage in denver. during the campaign you see republicans used videos of him turning cart wheels in their negative ads but it was him who had the last laugh. and of course complete results of the national and local races, click on the banner on our home page at martin o'malley won a second term as governor tuesday night. >> she working on a top priority, closing a budget hole of $1 billion. >> the next two years will be very, very challenging years. we are going to have to continue to make cuts and make
5:51 am
difficult decisions. >> reporter: the federal stimulus money has run out and governor o'malley says he is looking for more cuts instead of raising taxes. since 2007, maryland's government has cut $3 million. the budget was also be a priority for dc's new mayor. >> vincent gray is officially the mayor elect. >> everything is on the table and it has to be the expenditures on the table first. you can't just go out and say we will raise taxes without making an incredibly convincing case to people that we have scrubbed the budget thoroughly and here are the consequences if we don't find some additional revenue. >> the current dc deficit prediction is about $175 million. gray, however, says it could go as high as half a billion dollars. still ahead, this year there is something unusual about the gw women's basketball
5:52 am
team. the roster, there's a man on it. kai is the first openly transgender player to play for a division one team and he is being welcomed with open arms. >> reporter: all eyes are on george washington uniform's women's basketball team and number 50, kai. junior forward, transgender male. >> i feel as if i should have been born male with male parts but i am -- my biological sex is female. >> reporter: but it was a long road before kai could make that announcement. his aha moment came after a heated text message exchange with his mom when she asked who do you think you are young lady. >> mom you just made me realize something. from now on i know who i am. i was excited and then i was like i'm going to have to tell everybody. >> reporter: after the fear came relief. >> it is a big thing when your child says they are different
5:53 am
than what they were born but now she is supportive. >> i felt like i needed to support kai in any way. >> reporter: kai is the first transgender athlete on an ncaa division one team. he can play on the women's team because he doesn't plan to have surgery or take hormones until his college career is over. >> got too tough. too tough to not be me. >> reporter: kai, formerly known as kk began the transformation as a solve more but this will be his first season playing as a man. >> as long as we are united and a team, a family we will be okay. >> reporter: while number 50's announce may have created a media frenzy his mind is on basketball and his future. now that he is finally feeling like himself. in northwest washington, 9 news now. gluck now. taylor swift sets another music record.
5:54 am
that is coming up in entertainment news. we all getting to know mike hydeck the anchor, but did you know that mike hydeck is also a movie star? you have to stick around for this. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. looking at a lot rain on live doppler 9000 hd. 52 or so through the noon hour. temperatures don't move much. 48 frederick. the rain is with us. at 5:00 p.m. looking at rain and 51. mike, andrea, back to you. >> thank you, howard. it's time to answer the
5:57 am
question of the day. >> today we asked -- i actually knew this one. my wife says this all the time, trying on clothes. why. >> exactly. >> howard's wife is the opposite. >> it is a waste of time. >> agree. >> to get undressed and. >> start all over and then to find it doesn't fit. >> that's what i hear all the time. >> and all over again. someone who has great clothes. taylor swift's new album. it sold 1 million copies becoming the biggest debuting country album. whitney houston, norah jones have sold so many in their debut week. are you for real? sean duffy on real world boston will represent wisconsin in the house after a big win. the republican was backed by
5:58 am
sarah palin. a former miss america pageant host faces hit and run charges. collins allegedly hit a family of three causing a three-car pileup and reportedly left the scene. lee mcdonald of ashburn sub mythed the next story. it will inspire as we embark on the season of giving. a crowd gathered t in leesburg to support a foundation. the loudoun county charity is one of eight nonprofits up for the national title of charity of the year. they founded the charity after her brother lost a battle with brain tumor. >> this is my friend. a 31 year brain cans you are survivor. we hope everyone will come out and vote. >> vote from now until friday. the winner gets a $25,000 grant. big news here a movie star on the news desk right now.
5:59 am
recognize this mug? yes. it is the one and only mike hydeck. the 9 news now morning show show anchor has a cameo in morning glory. and get this, we would love to have you join our morning team for a private screening to see it before anyone else. metro mix has 25 pairs of tickets to give away. log on to and type in the key word morning and hopefully we can hang out with you during normal hours. >> come out. it will be a lot of fun. the movie is great. you will love it. >> his head has not gotten bigger. still normal. >> on the big screen. thanks for joining us. i'm andrea roane with the star mike hydeck. >> whatever. i'm all nervous now. stop it. this is angie. she has the traffic coming up. >> it is a wet day out there and wet throughout the entire day. get the day planner so you know what to expect for the day. a lot of rain. we


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